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Elia’s Kitchen is a local Personal Chef, Prepared Meals and Catering Service that specializes in healthy, delicious, plant-based and vegan-friendly cuisine in the Upstate region of Greenville, South Carolina.

Based on hundreds of medical and scientific studies, we believe that a plant-based lifestyle helps athletes enhance their performance, as well as helps everyone lose unwanted body weight, maintain a healthy weight, reduce cholesterol, and prevent, reduce and reverse chronic diseases, including certain forms of cancer.


We value sustainable practice, so we use organic, eco-friendly and cruelty-free products as possible, to keep our environment, human health and animal safety in mind.  We care for the well being of our community and this is our way to give back so we can all live a long, happy and healthy life. 


When our founder, Chef Elia Caputo, decided to pursue her dream of having her own food service, she could not bear the thought of serving animal-based food that could have harmful effects on her clients, so she had to make a decision. Based on all the research, data-based studies and her life experiences, she decided to take action and serve nothing but healthy and nutritious food to help her clients achieve their health, fitness, and life goals.  That is when Elia's Kitchen was born!


At Elia’s Kitchen, we team up with Upstate South Carolina local farmers to obtain the freshest ingredients and create the most nutritious, fresh and delicious dishes that you and your family will enjoy while supporting our local economy.


Whether you are a professional carnivore who wants to increase your intake of plant based food, or you're a plant-based or vegan eater, or you're in transition to this lifestyle... we are here to help!


We are here for you, and would love to serve you!


Chef Elia's Story

"My Grandfather was a farmer and my Father is a fisherman and was also a ship cook, so growing up, we had the freshest ingredients for scratch-made meals every day."

Hello!  My name is Elia and I'm the founder and head chef of Elia's Kitchen.  I'm so grateful you're here to learn a bit about my background and passion for serving you with the freshest plant based meals!


Going back to my roots, I grew up in Sinaloa, Mexico where I first discovered my love for food and cooking.  My Grandfather was a farmer and my Father is a fisherman and was also a ship cook, so growing up, we had the freshest ingredients for scratch-made meals every day.  


Since a very young age, I was really discerning with the food I was eating, some would have called me a "picky eater."  I decided to learn how to cook so that I could more specifically eat what I liked.  Inspired by my parents' delicious recipes and my Godmother's amazing tamales, I started asking, observing, and cooking.


As I gained more experience, confidence, and success with the flavors and taste of my dishes, I decided to start selling my food.  Life then took a painful turn the day after my 13th birthday when my Grandfather died of a heart attack.  Five years later, my Grandmother also died of a heart attack, an Uncle and Aunt died from cancer, and others followed with untimely, premature deaths.  


I really began to ponder the effects of foods on our health and wellness and it became a deep-seeded passion of mine to cook foods that had the ability to prevent and sometimes reverse common health challenges.  


When I moved to the U.S., I worked for restaurants, food manufacturers, and a catering venue.  In the restaurants, my career progressed from working in the kitchen to eventually becoming a Restaurant Manager. I then went through the Pima College Culinary Arts Program where I also worked as a Personal Chef alongside the Chef Director at the college.  


One day my best friend in Arizona sent me the video, "The Truth About Cancer" and it really opened my eyes further about how all chronic diseases can in some way be linked to food.  It made me think back to all the untimely losses in my family and I connected the dots between their food choices and their health conditions.


I then began investigating more to better understand the data.  Then empowered with that knowledge, I influenced my family to transition to a plant based lifestyle.  I am married to a great man who I met while living in Arizona and we have two beautiful daughters.  We are thankful to be enjoying the fullness of life with our food choices centered around health and wellness.  


As an advocate for plant based living and for sustainable practices for our planet, I wanted to spread that influence further to help not only my family, but also the community I now call home in Upstate South Carolina.  With that heartfelt motivation, I took the next step and started my plant based business, Elia's Kitchen.


Cheers to health and fresh food,

Chef Elia


339 Miller Rd. Mauldin, South Carolina 29662

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